Williams Robotron (EU) Restoration 3

So I’m in the home straight here with my Robotron upright restoration. If you missed Part 2, you can quickly catch up here. In short, we left the cabinet last time having just used filler to tidy up the bottom edges, which were disintegrating quite badly, and I wanted to patch those up so that cosmetically, it looked more acceptable:

So while that was happening, I decided to tackle the coin door:

Let’s turn to the cabinet itself. There’s a lot of patina on the cabinet, which shows it’s age and reflects the hard life it had on the arcade floor for many years. The plan wasn’t to make the cabinet mint, but to subtly touch up anything that glaringly stood out in terms of damage. This for example, I think is worth tidying up a little:

As I was there, I decided to add some filler to a gouge at the base of the front of the cabinet. To do this, I added screws in the space available to give my filler something to grip to:

So talking of filler, by now my Bondo had dried, at the sides, so it was time to finish that cosmetic job up. What I want to do here, is recreate those red stripes that were torn off with the damaged wood. It took a bit of patience and figuring out, but the result was just what I was looking for:

I am very pleased with how that came out. Same process for both sides. To give you an idea of the striking difference this has made, here’s a before and after picture of both sides:

T-molding next. You’ve seen me do this a hundred times here on the blog, so just quickly:

So with the cab now in a state where most of the repairs are done, it was time to bring it into the house. Now as you know, my games room sits at the very top of my house, with three flights of stairs to negotiate. It’s never an easy job. Given we are on lockdown, I had no choice but to persuade Mrs Arcade Blogger to help me get the thing up!

Credit: Williams Robotron (EU) Restoration 3